Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Update from the Hacienda in Juarez

Dean made it back home safely on Monday night after a long flight, with a bit of delays. He said the first flight was full of kids crying most of the way. Not a good flight at all! He will head up to Raleigh later today to meet up with the workers for the project up there.

Today we had a guest speaker come to us. He had some very interesting stories to share with us. He has lived in several different parts of the world. He is married with two daughters and his wife is due with their third baby in October. After that, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed to meet up with Tim for our weekly lesson with him.

We were able to ride around and see some of the people in the different communities that he ministers to. The kids all loved it. The session went a bit longer then normal, so I was glad we had dinner already waiting for us when we got back.

We have been getting a bit of rain, some of the streets are flooded. Monday evening it rained just about all night!

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