Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Laura's Arrival and Dean's Coming Soon!

We were awaiting Laura’s arrival with much excitement all day today. We went to our class a little ways away from where we are. It was very thought-provoking... to see things in a different light, a different prospective on what different verses in the Bible are talking about.

Laura arrived safely tonight by the time they got back here. We were all excited to see her and fill her in on all that has been happening. What fun talks we have had already bringing her up to speed.

I am so excited about tomorrow because Dean will arrive!!!! I can’t wait for him to see and experience some of what the kids (Kelly, Tim, & Laura) and I get to do. Although he won’t get to see much because of their home stays on the weekends. Maybe this time the Lord will allow him to see the community outreach over at Las Tapias on Saturday. Then we can see Matt, Jonathon & Hannah - which will be great. I know they are keeping very busy with the group that is there, in cooking and working with them on projects.

Thank each of you for your prayers.

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