Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm Heading Home

Today, I was up very early to head out of Mexico to El Paso, crossing the boarder. My flight takes off later on this morning - I'll be heading back home for NC. I have very mixed feelings of having to say good-bye to all my new kids. Wow this is hard!

Jonathon, Hannah & Summer will rode with me to the airport. Matt Siler took the rest of the kids, and they will do some fun stuff for [Canada] Matt, because he flies back to Canada tomorrow.

Mike, Tim, Laura, and Kelly headed into El Paso for a day of community classes and swimming. They all met up with us at the airport. Tim Gamwell came, too. I can’t believe they all came to say good-bye to me!

The kids (Tim, Kelly, and Laura) are excited about spending time at Las Tapias with Jonathon, Hannah, Matt, Jose, Andréan, Chewy, and Margarita. Also, about getting to spend time getting to know the other people there better. They are still making plans for the mountain trip. Please keep them all in your prayers.

Praise the Lord I will get to see Dean again soon!! Thank YOU so much for your prayers for us while I was away and he could not fly down to see me all the time.

I PRAISE the LORD for letting him come as much as he did!!

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