Saturday, July 5, 2008

Back and Forth (El Paso to Juarez!)

They had a graduation out at Las Tapias for some of the students there. Tim called and wanted Dean to take another man and his son out to see the MIT center. We were already in El Paso, so that was no problem. The guys are from Canada - we were able to spent the afternoon with them. (His son will stay here for 3 weeks.)

We went to the Tapias and then came back into El Paso for a Christian concert that was promoted by K-Love. They had a lot of groups there. We did not get to see them all but we did see most of the main ones.

Oh - please pray for my student (Tim's) host famliy. The dad had to be taken into the hospital. They think that it is cancer; I guess he had something removed for that reason last year. So they're not sure what will happen to him now. I saw him at the concert in El Paso and Tim went to pick him up from the hospital. Thanks for your prayers.

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