Friday, June 20, 2008

People Building People and Jonathon and Matt's Discipleship Update

Dean arrived here yesterday morning. Tim picked him up from the airport and they arrived at Las Tapias about 11:30am.

We headed over to meet up with another group that is working on several of the other projects with Tim. They are with People Building People in Ohio. Their first group left this morning and the second one will arrive on Sunday. We look forward to seeing other fellow workers for Christ.

I can tell you that your prayers for one of the boys that Jonathon and Matt are working with is really helping. He has really opened up to us in the short time we have been with him. He asked the other night if they could do any other Bible study. One of the other is very helpful in keeping us communicating with the community. Please pray for the other one; he is not doing as well as we thought he would.

We met up with Mike - the man that I will be working with this summer - and went over a few things. Today the kids (Jonathon, Hannah, & Matt and maybe one of the boys) will help get my place ready. My group will come in about 1:30pm on Saturday.

Tomorrow we will take our group over to the Las Tapias for the community service. I really look forward to that.

Thanks for all your PRAYERS !!!

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