Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just a Little While in Mexico - From Jonathon and Hannah

Hey everyone,

So we are here in Texas right now. We have no Internet service in Mexico so we made a trip in to say "hi" and to let everyone know that we are still alive and having a great time! We have had little spurts of things to do. We got all of our stuff in our new room and have lots of food for the incoming group. We have cleaned, gotten stuff ready, made lots of decisions... and fun stuff like that.

It has been hot but we are not feeling it. We just drink ½ our weight in water each day, but that is good for us. =)

Jonathon and Matt have had so much fun together! They do all the "manly" jobs like fixing the swamp cooler, getting water, unloading stuff. Me (Hannah) and mom (Karin) do fun "womanly" jobs like doing laundry, washing lots of dishes, cooking, and cleaning. The four of us can really do some work!

Matt and Jonathon got to play the guitar and sing with Tim in a mini-service for the community. It was so good to see everyone come together. We got to eat at S-Mart which is like a Mexican Wal-mart. So cool! Then today we ate as we walked though Wal-mart after Tim. We're always running around, but it's so much fun. (This is what Jonathon told me to put in here, all about food.) =)

We have to cross the bridge to get here (to get on the Internet) and that can take up to 2 hours. Plus, all we have to do here in the States is get bulk food. So our bridge crossing is pretty limited. However, we will be on here when we can.

There are a few things that we'd ask you to pray for:

  • Matt and Jonathon are going to disciple the 3 boys that are staying at the Tapias with us. They are going to be praying with them and doing Bible studies. Plus, they are going to hang out with them and assign jobs to them. That way they will be working with the groups helping us.
  • Karin leaves soon and we hope that she gets settled and her jobs go well. She will be 45 minutes away from us.
  • Also, we have our first group coming in tomorrow night. We have to give them rules and help them get settled in. I will be cooking breakfast for them. However, God has given us a very small group of 12 (for only 3 days) and I will only be feeding them breakfast. They are also going to be working with another mission team so our time with them during the day will be very short. This is good for us, because it is like a mini-test to see how we will do before the next group of 21 comes in for 7 days.
  • Just pray that this short week will go great for us. Thanks so much for keeping us in your prayers and for doing all that you are doing for the CHILDREN of God.


Jonathon and Hannah Siler

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