Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just a Few Updates

Today, we fixed breakfast, cleaned up, and headed to El Paso. We headed into El Paso to help Tim move food around in a warehouse so he can get more food to hand out to people.

After a lot of moving and loading the vans to take back to Las Tapias, the front end loader ran out of gas then would not start back up again. Praise the Lord that we had a hand jack to move the stuff back in so we can close it back up.

I called Mike Bachelder (many of you know him from our frist trip here). Anyhow, I had told most of you to keep him in your prayers - about his brother not doing well. He was on his way back from Vermont. He told me his brother passed away last week. Right now I do not have his address with me. So please keep his family in your prayers still. Praise God he said that the Lord gave him great comfort that he knows where his brother is now at.

Dean will arrive here with us tomorrow morning!

~Karin Siler

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