Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's Really Hot!

Today, we fixed breakfast for the team that was here. Then they left pretty much for the whole day. Not sure what all they did, but we do know they fixed food for some people in the community and gave out clothes, soccer equipment and stuff.

Tomorrow we will leave after the group has breakfast for a staff meeting in El Paso. While there we will also get supplies to bring back to Las Tapias. Things to give out to people here and also we can use. Thursday after the group leaves I will pack my stuff in the van once Dean arrives we will head to where I will stay at. The kids will go with I think to help me get set up for my group coming in on Saturday. If you try to call us we won’t answer most of the time because our service here is in and out at different times throught out the day. So please forgive us.

Trusting your all keeping safe and cool. It has been pretty warm here. Today it was 117 here. Needless to say, we sweat a bit. =)

~Karin Siler

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