Wednesday, June 25, 2008

For Bonnie:


Today in the morning we went to meet with one of the men who will do one of the studies with us. He offered us breakfast and a few other things to try. It was good - a good discussion time. After that, we went shopping. That was fun and interesting, after that we came home for a quick power nap, then went out to the concert. They had a good turn out at the concert. Not as many as they would've liked to have, but it was ok. They got to listen to music and hear the gospel.

I saw Maribella there. She was selling Cokes (for the kitchen) at the concert. She asked how we all were doing and told me they are putting an addition on to the kitchen, but I haven't stopped to see it yet. I've only driven by her place a couple times.

By the way the rose bush is doing just fine. It is blooming with lots of buds on it. Roger said he needs to trim it back soon. I have taken some pictures, I just have to get them online so you can see them!

Take care!

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