Friday, June 13, 2008

Anniversary and a Bit About Las Tapias

Hi, all!

Yesterday was mine and Dean's 26th wedding anniversary! PRAISE the Lord! It is totally because of the Lord's grace that we can be at this point. Also, Dean, with the Lord's help, could allow me to be down here serving the Lord!

Elizabeth (from LCI) came by to fill us in on the groups that will be coming to stay at Las Tapias this summer. She was a great help with everything. Today, Margarita will leave for Colorado to spend two weeks with Angela. That will be a good treat for her. However, she is our main way of communicating with the people here - please pray for us to be able to communicate with them!

Today, Matthew Siler came back to help us at Las Tapias. That was really nice. He has been here for about 10 months so he has a little more experience communicating with the locals. =)

~Karin Siler

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